Arsenic Research and Action Network

The Arsenic Research and Action Network (ARAN) aims to drive knowledge production and problem-solving by scaffolding and multi-stakeholder collaborative action among research groups and communities, citizens, public officials and entrepreneurs. It lends itself to understanding arsenic related environmental problems and developing appropriate solutions as well as responses. The mandate of this network is linking intra- and trans-disciplinary research groups and multi-stakeholder partners to contribute to alleviate arsenic exposure, risk, and contamination across partner countries.


aran support

Support the development of a well trained research community who can contribute to alleviate arsenic exposure, risk and contamination.

Transfer new skills and create new knowledge to impact on the well being of communities.

Strengthen research excellence in partner countries by supporting researchers, research groups and networks through training, collaboration, reciprocal visits and the transfer of knowledge and skill among partners.

Establish long-term links to ensure sustainable improvements in research capacity in the long term.

Encourage and promote the establishment of effective multi-stakeholder partnerships.

Mobilize knowledge, technical capacity, technology and resources to implement solutions.